OP NoNAND Give me back my legions!

    Aug 22, 2015
    Please can you help me i think i messed up my alignment.
    I was heading for the lower parts of the cathedral to defeat asura
    On my way there i killed astaroth surt and arioch. On the lowest level a man in black suit told me i need to go west to an isle there and and get something if i wanted to defeat asura
    I found a small island west of the cathedral and defeated beelzebub
    Now when i go back to asura he tells me i need 3 items to make a devil rinv
    Wth i was on neutral path why did this happen
    The worst is that once i teleported to heal now i no longer have access to the middle part of the cathedral and the doors are shut
    And i can't heal at messiah as well he says i have the power of chaos get out
    Im lost why did this happen how do i get back inside the heart of the cathedral and kill asura
    Please i will give you my save file just do something and help me
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