Working on my new tool: Every File Explorer Sep 4, 2014

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    1. Chazpelo
      What happend to Every File Explorer? The download is dead. and the only way to download it is from WiiDatabase.
    2. lwyx2017
      Can you upload the source code of the new version of MKDS Course Modifier? I'd like to refer to The SSEQ source code.
    3. lwyx2017
      Gericom, I'm sorry, My friend gave me the source code for MKDS Course Modifier before,I want to make some changes And open source. (I'm learning C# recently)
      I put it on the GitHub:
      If you mind, I will delete it. I marked the author as you.
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      2. lwyx2017
        Would you mind please? if you mind I'll delete it .
        Sep 13, 2017
      3. lwyx2017
        Besides, excuse me How long have you been learning programming?
        Sep 13, 2017
      4. lwyx2017
        OK, I'll delete it.
        But the source code if the people in need,I'll pack it up as zip.
        Sep 14, 2017
    4. KlasseyKreations
      Hmmm, are we the only DS homebrew devs left???
      1. Gericom
        Probably :/
        Sep 3, 2017
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    5. lwyx2017
      Gericom,Excuse me,I use MobiclipDecoder Play DS's mods the voice is wrong,Is the voice of mods itself compressed or encrypted?
      1. Gericom
        In which way does it sound wrong? Is it as if it plays too slow?
        Aug 20, 2017
      2. lwyx2017
        Also, I'm using your tool MobiclipDecoder to convert moflex to avi,Why jitter when playing avi video? Is the tool is not perfect yet?
        Aug 24, 2017
    6. Grifnelle
      Im trying to view some .bctex files and found you made a tool in 2014 that was suppose to allow viewing of them. Do you have a link to where I can download the tool?
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      2. Grifnelle
        When I go to the release page, it says that the DNS couldnt be found along with DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
        any idea why this would happen?
        Jul 31, 2017
      3. Gericom
        I know, the site is down. I should reupload it to mega or so
        Jul 31, 2017
      4. Orangy57
        copy the link and use the web wayback machine. Sorry if this is a month late
        Aug 29, 2017
    7. Gow supremo
      Gow supremo
      @Gericom You have the inazuma eleven .pkb/.pkh tools? Or another tool to extract this format?
    8. tozevleal
      GRAND DAD! Flingstons?
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    9. Krem Quay
      Krem Quay
      are there any plans to continue with the Moflex Player? Are you also aware of h4m GameCube files? You might be interested in those.

      Additionally, do you have the latest build (04/06/2016) of the Moflex Player, compiled? thanks.
      1. Gericom
        I might work on it again someday. I didn't know GameCube used mobiclip too?

        As I said, I will upload it soon. I haven't got time to do it yet.
        May 6, 2017
      2. Krem Quay
        Krem Quay
        Actually, they don't to my knowledge. I was just telling you about h4m files because they haven't been cracked yet.
        May 6, 2017
    10. lwyx2017
      Will you continue to complete the EFE?it's really useful to me.
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    11. FrozenDragon150
    12. gothicall
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      2. zfreeman
        I second the notion.
        Dec 4, 2016
    13. Newest Nick Team
      Newest Nick Team
      Hi there! I know you have a small delay on your Moflex Converter. Is there any progress coming along right now? Thanks! :)
    14. jfp1000
      Hey Gericom, thanks for all your 3ds tools!
      I know you haven't finished your moflex encoder yet, but do you have the ability to remux moflex videos?
      It would be greatly beneficial to the undub community as some games (such as SMT4) have hard-subtitles so we would need to combine the english video file with the japanese audio file.
      1. Gericom
        Well, audio is actually the only part left I have to make in the muxing process. It's because audio has to be chunked up in blocks. I need to figure out how frequent audio blocks should appear.
        May 5, 2016
      2. jfp1000
        Oh, I'm not really a video expert... do you mean that the audio is interleaved with the video so its not as simple as just copying the two separate streams?
        Good luck on your projects and thanks again! :)
        May 5, 2016
      3. Gericom
        That's true indeed. There are each time a couple of video frames and then one (or probably more) audio blocks.
        May 6, 2016
    15. KHDecoder
      Will you ever release a BCSAR Tool or even add the function to modify them with Every File Explorer?
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    16. vladik4kides
      Gericom, can you help me? When I'm trying to open video, your Mobiclip Player is crashing with "Program doesn't respond"
    17. VFlame
      Hi im having a problem with Wii Layout Editor, can you please help me with it, the application doesent open on my windows 7 desktop, I have the framework 4.6 update and everything configured properly but nothing works, can you please help? Skype: VFlamer_
    18. Hiccup
      I have sent you a message on youtube.
    19. Fiachra
      Thanks for link.
    20. Fiachra
      Hi Gericom, do you have a link to the last version of MKDS CM that supports exporting animated (Gamecube) BMD models?
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