I want to get up and go to my room to get the SD card with tonight's Dragon Cookie but my paws hurt... Urgh... Nov 1, 2012

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    My Glorious Cavern
    Writer, Video Gamer
    United States

    Psalms 148:7 - KJV -"Praise the LORD from the earth, all ye dragons, and all deeps:"

    Just your average friendly resident Western Black Dragoness here, embarking on a never-ending quest to further facilitate the intellectual growth of my people by exploring the vast and seemingly inexhaustible treasures of human knowledge via the world wide web, digital data storage, and written informational libraries. More details below.
    The More Details Below Section - {Yeah, It's Awesome}

    Hello. I am a Dragoness. I have an appearance. Do I have an appearance? Sure. I have an appearance. And what does my appearance look like? Well, I suppose you'll just have to whip out your thinking cap and use your imagination. The gift drawings of me are somewhat accurate.

    Aaaaanyway, though I am indeed a Dragoness {I say that a lot}, I am not necessarily a reptile. Oh and oh yeah, I have ears. See the pointy pink thing below my horns??? We are our own undiscovered class in Linnaeus's system of animal classification. I write Christian Fantasy. It's really quite a lot of fun, and all credit for what you read goes to God. Please be sure to check out my literature, if you can. Dust your paws off and stay a while! Thank you, and enjoy. -Sits and curls tail around feet with a graceful smile-

    Oh, and oh yeah, don't you go just yet.

    In doubt of my appearance? Refer to my Webcam widget (Left side)!

    And please, ENJOY your visits to my page!


    Additional Contact:

    Windows Live - [email protected]

    Skype - Labatryth

    I role-play regularly.

    And for everything else, there's Master Card.



    Well fold my wings, fork my tongue, point my tail and call me a Dragon! I'm a Christian fantasy writer!
    Psalms 148:7 - KJV - "Praise the LORD from the earth, all ye dragons, and all deeps:"