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    Not really sure; I joined a couple video game-related forums through the years, it's kind of a blur at this point. Anyhow, I'm mainly interested in handheld systems and emulator stuff. I finally broke down and got us a PS3 (Christmas 2016) and I've gathered about 50 games here and there (trying for sort of a 'best of'), though it mainly just sits in a box in the closet. I enjoyed a bit of 'Dead Island', completed 'Tomb Raider', and fiddled with 'Fallout' for a few minutes. All enjoyable experiences for sure, but I suppose I'm just so accustomed to handhelds by this point that it's hard for me to sit in front of a TV and play.
    Also, I can't seem to get my wife away from the PS2, no matter how many of her favorite franchises I get for her on PS3. (shrug)

    I've been mainly enjoying PSPs and DS (AceKard) for the past few years, so naturally I'm very eager to see what can be done with the Switch.

    Be well -
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