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GBAtemp's last ninja 2.
Sep 8, 2006
guitar practice to play for people who know how hard that song is to impress them.
making games to impress.
(there was a verse which was like Dress to Impress, dont remember which hip hop singer sold that)
and I hate it.
I hate to be forced by others into being what the fuck they want me to be, to be acceptable.
I'm already more forward than before but with certain type of people, I feel still a slave, and yes, its much better than 7 years ago.
I donno how not to give a fuck, not to get distracted and stay focused. Psyfira said one time about her short attention life-span, the same problem that I have too, getting in love with someone/something so fast and getting to hate it so fast too. (Porcupine Tree, anyone?)
In this semester, I'm trying to dress as shitful as I can, the worst beard and mustache that I can cut and worst and shortest hair cut.
whatever I do, I still feel their aura (where is DarkAura! Mr. Ichigo guy), I still feel their eyes on me, sitting on the most right corner of yard in school and thinking 'n thinking 'n thinking ...
Today I went to (its feel weird to talk about life in temp, GBAtemp is eating my whole life, even my blog (lemonfanta.blogspot.com)) school to get some shit for units that I want to get. (it IS already on their site but its in such bad form and losses alot of data that you have to get there anyway!), I was sitting on the *where students eat their dinner, forgot its english name* and tried reading some genki and I sucked, So I went to see some pix that I got from TechSuki and it all brought tears to my eyes ... Japan.

yes, 日本.

finally download of Houkago sh ounen finished, go to check it out. will be back and continue if I donno whatever.
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