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    Feb 12, 2011
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    ...at least I think its an M3 Perfect. Its hard to say, as the one I bought is an older model that looks identical to the M3 Pro from around the same time. The battery is working for the time being, just tested it with Pokemon Emerald, but I'm ready to replace it when the time comes. I just tested out the save states and its AWESOME. I can't get them to work on my EZ Flash III for whatever reason, and on this card it just works flawlessly; this puts it neck and neck with the EverDrive x5 imo, although since I found this card for $32.99 it is a winner for me. Plus its old and I like old stuff that manages to remain awesome. A miniSD card adapter was an extra $8 on eBay, but still a pretty good deal.

    I think this will be my daily driver until the Everdrive x7 comes out (assuming it has save states), or until I botch a battery replacement.
  2. commdante

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    Jun 4, 2006
    Looks exactly like my original one, although it's hard to see that the cart is silver on the photo. Only downside on it was that it sticks out slightly (like 5mm), although it's only annoying on the GBA Micro. It's still a lot less than the original full SD one which was as big as a GBC cart. ;)

    I think it was called the M3 Perfect MiniSD. Price was around twice a game iirc, so pretty decent deal you got.
    I was actually wondering if the software for it is still around...

    If you like old stuff: I still got a 256M (bit) cart somewhere (probably same place all my original cartridges are...in some moving-box with no clear markings >_< ). It worked with a parallel cable of sorts iirc. It was also one of the few carts that worked with clean roms -> it didn't need any patching, except when you put multiples on for the select game/rom menu.
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