I can never get a decent grade in Tales of Innocence!?!

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  1. blood_lust

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    Jul 22, 2010
    So basically I was worried that I wasn't getting the full gist of the game because I got C's and B's a lot after battles. After looking on a walkthrough to see if I was missing a particular concept when I battled, that otherwise would allow me to get all S's like the person doing the walkthrough did. I realised doing combo attacks would perhaps give you a better score as I thought prior to looking at the walkthrough that it was all about how quickly you dispatched the enemy. However, when I started the game over and entered the first battle on the overworld, I got a D. I tried doing lots of combination attacks such as A,A,A,B (basically a three sword slashes and a demon fang) and also Down A, Down A, Down A, Up A (a flurry of upwards slashes). I did that and I got a max of 10 combinations just like the person in the video but I got a D or C. Can anyone tell me what the hell am I missing which would let me get an S! Thank you!
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    Jul 25, 2007
    change your difficulty to hard or maniac, it's easier to get rank "S" and grades are much higher. Plus it's fun killing enemies on a higher difficulty because of their meat shield defense, you can do more combo hits than before, well for me at least. [​IMG]