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Oct 23, 2004
Dar es Salaam
Ahhh after the many weeks hiatus, we come back to the promised tutorial on HTML, CSS and PHP (and maybe even jquery).

From the thread posted back here, after the 8th of May when my exam is over, we are going to seriously start working on this tutorial.
Therefore, now i need feedback on what types of websites you would like to be shown or created as part of the tutorial.

I will ensure all these websites are created and every required step is explained including the full creation of databases with their normalized structures.

So far these are what came to my mind AND it can be anything from a website with features or a system itself:

Store / E-Business **
Personal Page *
Blog *
Forum **
Image Host / File Host *
Directory (like telephone or game) *
Social Network **
School System **
Hospital System **
Shopping System **

Okay so no tutorial linked from Gbatemp to some programmers is complete without GAMES!! BUT the big problem is that I have never made any games and you will see the scarcity of games made in php. Then again, they are there and possible to make therefore we will make some games but ALL of them will be turn based. Sucks right? but its still going be fun:

Snakes and Ladders **
Uno *
Checkers *
Monopoly ***
Football (yes turn based football with MULTIPLAYER!! its possible... I think) ***

Note that the following is the meaning of the asterisks (* stars if you like) based on estimation

* - Easy
** - Easy but time consuming
*** - Difficult hence time consuming

So there you have it. Please suggest more types of websites or systems that you would think make sense and GAMES that would be enjoyable but remember, turn based.

Hope that brings some excitement and I am always open to suggestions and criticisms.

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