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    Hello guys, Welcome back to mrt84! Happy New Year by the way. Today I am going to show you on How To Make HTML WAD Injects. The HTML (Chrome HTML file) only works offline. if you want to inject HTML files like Google Translate, Google, Prodigy, or any other HTML URL Loaders. Let's get started then!

    CAUTION: HTML (Chrome) is too poor on Wii. So you have an 85% chance that your game fails & loads a blackscreen. The HTML might need to be compatibility with the Wii broswer or Flash the URL.

    Here is the preview of the video of the 2 HTML WAD Injects (Test):

    In this section we are going to use the Wii Menu Manual as a BASE WAD.
    1. Download the HTML BASE WAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zwnwir8w5er5b3w/HTML+Base+Loader+(USA).wad/file

    2. Download the Tools: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hd9tsfu0hfxqvrm/Wii+Flash+Injecting+Tools.zip/file

    3. Unpacking the WAD
    Use the WadMii app to unpack the HTML Base WAD.

    3. Extracting the 00000005.app.
    Use the U8Mii app to extract the 00000005.app.

    4. Injecting the HTML file.
    Go to Google Chrome & open any website or HTML document press "Ctrl+S" & name your HTML to "startup" & replace it in "HTML Base Loader/00000005.app_OUT/en/startup.html" & save it.

    5. Packing the 00000005.app.
    Go to U8Mii.exe again & pack up the 00000005.app back up.

    6. Packing the WAD.
    Go to WadMii.exe again & pack the HTML Base Loader WAD.

    7. Changing the icons and names:

    Change the display name of the channel to your name of choice, and change its ID to something unique (It’s not recommended to modify the first letter of the title ID). Using CustomizeMii, Modify the images “IconVCPic” and “VCPic” to match your game.

    Now, extract the banner.brlyt file and put it somewhere. Do the following customization steps:

    • Change the name to the name you chose previously and press the “set all” button.

    • Change the year to match your game and press the “set all” button.

    • Change the players amount to match your game. (e.g. 1, 1-4, 2-4)

    • Select the banner.brlyt file

    • Keep everything else exactly as is and save changes.

    You are all done, install the WAD file onto your Wii. Ensure you have BootMii or Priiloader installed on your Wii before installing the inject, or test with Dolphin, because things can go wrong if you are not careful enough. If it doesn't work and black screens, then the game might not be compatible with the Wii. If it works, great.
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    very smart of you to plug a youtube video, ill subscribe for the heck of it
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