How to disable the acekard2i rom properties menu?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by extentofmysin, May 26, 2012.

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    I am wondering if its possible to disable the properties menu or its options (when I press Y twice on a rom, in the acekard2i rom list)? Im not sure if all these options are included within globalsettings.ini, nothing seems to work. I know I can disable the start menu but thats it. I dont want certain options (especially the create shortcut,cheat and save size options) to show. Can this be done by adding or deleting data within the ini..... or if not, by adding a skin that will make it harder to find (eg changing the button that the properties menu will pop up from, eg only by clicking on an area of the screen with the stylus instead of one of the main buttons)?

    The only other things I wondered about were if it was possible to change the 'now loading-do not switch on or off' message (when starting up any chosen rom) but I think Ive sorted that out now, by being able to edit the the language file, at __aio\language\lang_en\language.txt

    Does anyone know if an unupdated dsi will work well in compatibility with the latest acekard2i?

    thanks for any help
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    no it is not.

    your only real option would be to purchase a different flash kit that uses a different kernel.

    yes, it will work exactly the same as a dsi running 1.4.1. just make sure you update the bootloader for the firmware the dsi is running

    more information here:

    -another world