Question How much of a possibility do you think a cheat device will exist for Nintendo Switch?

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  1. Yes, i hope so.

  2. Maybe not, but there's always homebrew.

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    A thought came to me is that i do kinda admit, since like the PS2/Gamecube period of games, there used to be lots of cheat devices, like game genie, action replay code breaker, gameshark and stuff, i do miss those things and hope someday it will make a comeback, it was fun to mess with and extended my reasons to play games longer than intended. Most of the familiar brands listed above is now nerfed to simple save editors probably to avoid any problems with selling the product, not that is bad but is a save editor, it can only do so much for your game unlike the cheat devices of the past that is able to modify ram in the game to have better range of effects than save editors.

    Basically i'm asking is that since the switch is cart based would you think a cheat device would exist for it, and would you buy it? I am assuming sites like datel and the rest have more problems trying to find possible ways to do the old method of ram mods that save mods have been the better choice.
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    One big problem: the saves are stored inside the system, not the cart.
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    I don't think it is as much problems with sale as it is problems with making a viable hack for end users to use and keeping it updated, and able to be installed, when system updates can come along and knock it out.

    Should they turn around and make a custom firmware then it will likely be immediately turned into a free custom firmware, their items being well known to hackers after all.
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    For sure, Datel will make a cheat device as soon as they can, but it might take public exploits being released before it happens.