How do you play PS1 Backups?

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by CheatingSoi, May 9, 2009.

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    I was reading that on the earlier models of The original PlayStation that you could put in an original disk while in the music player and then swap it out quick with a backup. I have no idea if my PS1 will allow this but I cannot get it to work. I have the lid button taped down. I turn on the system then go to music CD and then put in GTA 2 but the disk doesn't start spinning. No matter what I click on. It just doesn't even try to read the CD and I'm not sure why. If i reset the system, the disk starts spinning and starts GTA 2 like normal with the lid open. I dont understand. It juts doesn't even attempt to read the disk, even when its closed.
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    more videos on youtube just look for PS1 SWAP TRICK

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    The easiest swap method is to use a Gameshark disc or i/o cart to boot up with and something to hold the lid sensor in. This will boot up the Gameshark and then stop the disc completely so there is no risk of messing up the motor in the drive like there is with other swap methods.
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    1: get slim ps2

    2: tape off both switches so it doesn't know when it's opened

    3: switch real ps1 game with any backup at PS1 logo screen

    4: PROFIT
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    This is going back a long time so my memory might be a little fuzzy. If I remember right you had to go to the music player, then put in a game disc (one with a high amount of tracks) and then do the trick with the disc tray sensor. It would then read in the ToC. Once it had finished you swapped it out for the backup. It wouldn't reread the disc or anything. Then you'd just abort back to the main menu and the PSX would boot the backup. It only worked on really old models of the PSX though, Sony fixed the problem in later models. I can't remember the models it worked on though sorry.