Hacking How do I mod channels (sound, graphics, etc) and the Wii Menu bgm without getting a black screen?

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Jun 14, 2013
United States
I have tried for a long time to customize the graphics in some Wii channels, but every time I install then load the modded channel on my Wii or on Dolphin, I just get a black screen. Do the files have to be the same size or smaller than the ones that I replace? I also found out that Gecko offers a file patcher somewhat similar to that of Riivolution. Is it possible to use that to load channel mods, or does it only work with retail games? The other similar problem that I have encountered is getting a black screen on Dolphin when I pack a Wii Menu .wad with a custom theme. This happens when I use Brawlbox to replace the startup sound that plays after the health screen when the Wii Menu appears and before the .brseq plays. I replaced it with about 1 minute of audio set to loop to create custom background music. I have not actually tried it out on my Wii yet because I am afraid that getting a black screen instead of the Wii Menu will brick my Wii. Is there any way I can get these mods to work?

(I originally posted this in the Tutorials & FAQs section 9 months ago, but I have not received a response yet, and I now realize that it is more relevant to this section.)
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