Homebrew on r4i Gold FlashCard

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by Chuckz, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Chuckz

    Chuckz GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 26, 2015
    United States
    I just recently bought both, the new Nintendo 3DS as well as an R4I Gold card and I'm running the latest WOOD Kernel on it.

    I was just curious if I'm able to run any homebrew made for the DS? Both 3DS Homebrews since I have an N3DS and DS Homebrew.

    The reason I ask is because I have an R4I Gold card and although it's not a 3DS Flash cart it is 3DS compatible. So I'm just curious if my flashcard is compatible with ANY Homebrew made out there for any DS model.
  2. Technicmaster0

    Technicmaster0 GBAtemp Psycho!

    Oct 22, 2011
    Gambia, The
    Yes, it's compatible with DS mode homebrew. But that's a case for http://gbatemp.net/forums/nds-emulation-and-homebrew.177/.
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