Home and Power buttons works only with battery disconnected

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    May 15, 2014
    Hey, so recently I've started playing again with my vita, because of the release on henkaku and stuff. After a full charge, I tried booting it up with no success, so I connected it to the pc and it started right off. I updated the firmware to the lastest, installed henkaku and then booted up Molecularshell, and that's when I started noticing some problem. The first one is that my home and power buttons are dead, and the second one is, after disassembling it, that the power and home buttons work just a few seconds after the battery is connected ( I managed to boot into recovery menu this way, but it wasn't really helpful at all ).2

    If somebody knows any fix or stuff like that please help me. The warranty is long gone (first psvita model) and I don't want to trash it, since It's a nice console after all.