Hex Editing ToCS2

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    I'm looking for a little help editing my money in Trails of Cold Steel 2. From what I've read, HxD is the way to go as RinCheat and GohanMem don't work properly on this game. Now I'm not new to save editing and I successfully found my value in the save and changed it from 04 1A to FF FF. My issue is that this amount is waaaaaaaay too low. You can't even buy 99 of the basic healing item with that. If I try to change the numbers before or after those 4, it results in a crash. So how do I change it to something higher than FF FF if there are no zeroes surrounding it?

    Any game where I edited my money before had zeroes after the value and I could easily increase it to FF FF FF FF or higher. Is there a way I can insert a new set of numbers without overwriting what is already there? I assume it is with the "Insert Bytes" option. However, I don't know what to do from there. What is the byte count I want? Do I do it in Dec or Hex? I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I've never run into this before.
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    The hex offsets in the ToCS2 save are bizarre, and don't conform to any pattern that I've ever seen before. Here's what I would do: Set the money to FF FF, and then go into the game and sell a single item, just something to get you above 65535. Then, open your new save file in HxD and search for your money, and you should find that it now takes up 8 bytes. Then feel free to set it to whatever you want.
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    how do find the value for mira bro? in hxd editor i cant its say no result in the value that i search.