Help with wiikey and wiis ic legs

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    May 1, 2007
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    Im not very good at english heres the edited post thats more cleaned up.

    I tried to solder my wiikey foolishly by my self. Now i have accidentally pulled off solder point number 6 on my wii and also pulled off the copper plate thats under the point so now new solder wont stick. Now its pretty much unrepairable i think. [​IMG]

    Anyway [​IMG]

    So i am going to take it to a professional on monday to get it soldered. I was going to ask him to bypass the missing solder point by soldering it directly to one of the ic leg.

    What i wanna know is will soldering it directly to the ic leg work even tho the the copper plate was ripped off solder point 6?. What ic leg has to be soldered to replace solder point 6?. dose anything have to be done to the ic leg befor its soldered?. Like bend it push it up poll it out ect.

    Btw the system still works fine. [​IMG]

    please help [​IMG]

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    Basically don't worry about it. If the person you are giving it to is really a professional, you just need to tell them that you lifted a pad and you needed it soldered to the IC leg...that's pretty much it.
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    I made the same mistake. I thought I was on a roll after finally modding my GC; so I decided that WiiKey can't that hard ....
    Dude, what a mess, I pulled 2 solder points.
    Fortunately a friend of a friend is an Electrical Engineer, who solders for his job.
    He was able to fix one of the points but for the other one (point 2) did exactly what you are thinking, soldered direclty to the IC leg.
    WII has been working finr for a couple of weeks now!!!
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    one of my mates tried repairing a bad wiinja install tonight and the pad came off, he gonna install a wiikey now instead as the wiinja is in too bad a shape to work on my Wii [​IMG]