Help with Restoring my emunand...

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  1. PlasticBag

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    Feb 19, 2016
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    hello friends, I've messed up recently, I accidentally deleted my emunand while I was trying to transfer family pictures from one another, deeply regret doing that. But I did however backup all the files into my SD Card unto my computer, there's just one tiny problem.. I completely forgotten about the emunand.bin..
    But I do however have an emunand.bin I backed up dating back to February, so any backup is fine, what I'm wishing for is hoping a kind person is willing to provide a guide that an idiot like me can understand on how to fully restore my emunand, please? and thx:(
  2. ErixGamer

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    Apr 1, 2016
    First of all, wrong category for your topic, secondly do you have access to either EmuNand9, Decrypt9WIP (Recommend that one) or OTPHelper?

    If so open your tool of choice and restore emunand to the emunand.bin that you saved. I don't know if having older/newer firmware will interfere with the current firmware of your emunand.

    You can always clone your SysNAND to your EmuNAND, I think