ROM Hack Help with Japanese + Latin Symbol Transcription (Animal Crossing HD Textures)


Oct 18, 2019
United States
Hi there!

I am currently working on updating the text textures for AC:NL. However, I would like to allow Japanese players to enjoy the fresh looking text in-game when using Citra. Currently, they are pretty crusty looking!

If you are able to help type out the Japanese letters in the attached images, I will go ahead and update these textures with higher-res versions.

Thank you!


  • tex1_128x128_2B988EA5DCBD624E_11.png
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  • tex1_128x128_3EBBA8FC0921F257_11.png
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  • tex1_128x128_9B6017172E195E87_11.png
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  • tex1_128x128_2B5F9A8264EC3EC9_11.png
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  • tex1_128x128_4E2069A9E28AD7F5_11.png
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  • tex1_128x128_25A128A7518E3BCF_11.png
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  • tex1_128x128_98E72B9EB05C2932_11.png
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  • tex1_128x128_53426A9954430230_11.png
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