Help with Games showing Up in Usb Loader

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    My harddrive shows up fine when i start Usb loader Gx, i see my games list, but only a small percentage of my games show, not all of them.
    I decided to buy a Y cable and connected it today, still the same problem persist.
    Is there a way to refresh my game list or is it something else i have to do to make all my games show up.

    Also when i tried with Wiiflow all my games showed, but i recently downloaded covers for wiiflow and now i get "Dsi Exception----Restarting in 10 Secs" and it continues to do that before showing the games.

    Im using a Seagate, 1TB with Usb 3.0, 1 Partition, Fat 32.
    The harddrive shows up in the wii u os (With format message).

    If anyone can solve either of this issue ill be fine, i dont really have a preference for either Usb loader or wiiflow, so whichever is easier to fix.

    Thanks in advance.