1. ssam

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    Apr 14, 2009
    United States
    hi all

    i have kind of a problem with the usb loader all is installed right but when i try to install a game from wii to usb hard drive it finds says do you want to install the game say yes says installing but counter does not move and then comes up with wbfs panic:can not modify this partition table please report bug

    so go to pc and try wbfs manager put game disc in pc use imageburn to copy cd to h/d on pc then use wbfs manager to write iso image from pc hard drive to ex usb hard drive all works ok

    put the usb drive back in to the wii load up the usb loader and it will load games ok

    so tried orignl wii sports and it worked ripped it in around 3 mins but every time i try a copy disc it comes up with the wbfs error i dont mind doing it from a iso image from disc but the disc image is 4.7 gig every time so takes a long time to do [​IMG]

    any help would be great many thanks stu

    ps hard drive is a maxtor basics 500 gig external usb 2 and i am using the 1.4 version of the usb loader
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