HELP Mounting Games on DOSBox for 3DS

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    Jan 17, 2018
    I recently installed DOSBox to play some old games. Mounting drives and launching games is easy enough on PC but I have no idea how to launch them on DOSBox for 3ds (which was the main reason I downloaded it) because I have no way of typing anything in the command line. I found an option for keyboard+mouse under 'user binds' but wasn't able to map any keys to the buttons. Again I have the game and emulator on my 3DS and can launch it no problem on PC but I don't know how to launch them on the 3DS. When I click 'start core' (I'm using DOSBox via Retroarch if that's any help) I get the same command line but have no way to type anything. I think there's a way to create a .bat file to auto mount games but I'm not sure how to do that or how to apply it to the 3DS emulator.

    I know DOSBox can play games on the 3DS but I just have no clue how to launch them and can't find any help online. I never used DOSBox until today and I'm sure it's something really simple that I'm missing but right now I'm totally stuck. Any help would be greately appreciated. 20190601_182918.
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    Use 'Load content', navigate to and open the executable of the program you wish to start.

    On the old dosbox core you have to set the device type to 'mouse/keyboard' and map your buttons in the 'Control settings' menu found in the 'Quick Menu' once a game is loaded. You also have to set your CPU_cylces accordingly for each game.

    On the dosbox_svn core the device type is already set and you can your buttons in the 'Control settings' menu found in the 'Quick Menu' once a game is loaded. This has auto detection for CPU_cycles, which works.. fine for some games.

    Make sure to create a game specific config / controls file from the 'Quick Menu' so you can save settings for each game individually.

    I'm having good results using the dosbox_svn core, you can only map one keyboard key to each button, so don't expect to play a text adventure of some sorts..
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