Help modding my wii-u

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    Dec 27, 2012
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    Hey, I'm really worried about screwing my wii-u up so can anyone help me through the process? I know I can find all this by myself but I'd appreciate if someone who knows about this stuff could over look what I am doing. When it's all finished, I want it to do these things:​

    Homebrew channel​
    Loaders with gamecube support​
    Snes emu with game covers and forwarder​
    nes emu with game covers and forwarder​
    Genesis emu with game covers and forwarder​
    GBA emo with gamecovers and forwarder​
    N64 wads (mario kart 64, ect)​
    Emulated NAND so I can install as many wads as I want​
    Anything else that is cool.​

    First and for most, can someone send me an up to date tutorial and files needed to completely mod my vwii so it can potentially do all these things?​

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    Jun 21, 2013
    Lool i was 99.9% sure that u were talking about exchanging or painting or doing whatever to the wiiu case after seeing modding and screwing in the first sentence, till i saw homebrew after reading that entire paragraph :P