help me out with my HW?


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Aug 2, 2008
Alright, well a case study on muscles for anatomy and physiology is due i think Wednesday or Thursday, and i got all of the questions but one, here is the exact question,
"2. On Saturday, November 7, Rick Nash of the Columbus Blue Jackets came crashing into the crease of Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Cam Ward. The collision resulted in Nash’s skate cutting into Ward’s upper left thigh. Ward was helped from the ice and taken to Riverside Methodist Hospital for stitches. He was subsequently kept for observation through the next two nights, returning to Raleigh, NC on Monday morning. His first order of business was to meet with the team’s orthopedic physician. (video here :
a) What kinds of concerns will there be about rehabilitation with an injury such as this?
b) The primary reason Ward was kept in the hospital for two nights was said to be concern about infection. How could an infection complicate proper healing of the muscle?"
This is the only hard question, the others were rigor mortis and a charlie horse/cramp.

I'm thinking the answer for part A is because of scar tissue, him being cut into the tissue would cause scar tissue to form and then he wouldnt be able to use it as well, but B im not sure.

Hopefully you guys can help me

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