Help me decide wich one to buy

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    Mar 26, 2006
    Hi [​IMG]
    So in about one month I will sell my original DS and buy a DS Lite. Also im going to buy some cartridge.
    I was thinking about the EZ4 Lite becuase its small, cheep and it runs GBA and DS roms both good. Am I right?
    The G6 has an insane pricetag and built-in memory so I would NEVER buy that one.
    I play GBA and DS games as much as the other so do you think the EZ4 will be a good choise for me?

    Also I need a passkey of some sort. Will the MK4 Mini be good enough?
    Im also courios what the different is between the MK4 Mini and the other passkeys. I've read that it has "EEPROM Save" and "Auto Sleep Mode". Doesnt the other passkeys have that?

    And one last question. Someone told me to buy a fast microSD card. But the problem is that I can't find any one faster then the original one.
    Can anyone tell me if the DS and GBA games will slow down anyting if they are run trough a MK4 Mini and a regular microSD?
    Ofc some games may have slowdown and some may not but I was thinking if the speed on the memcard really make that much different here.

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    While "the best" is a very subjective subject I will try and answer your questions.

    EZ4 DS compatibility list:
    GBA is near flawless my end, maybe some of the usual suspects like some DBZ games and the classic nes (use an emulator for this though) will need patching. No slowdown unless it happens on a real cart.

    I have a normal memory card and things work good (Tony Hawks AW slows down when changing track and if I do not delete it the Castlevania intro slows but that is about it for me).
    While it may not do anything to improve speed on the few games I will never advise against buying high quality media.

    The MK4 mini is a great passme although it is a bit on the expensive side, some nopass devices do not work but that one or the EZPass3 will definitely work fine.
    The memory on the MK4 (the EEPROM save) is just for older patchers and roms that like to save on DS carts rather than the GBA ones.
    Sleep mode, I do not know what automatic refers to but sleep mode does not work on the max media launcher unless you solder/connect two pins (1 and 7 counting from the left with pins facing up and towards you in case you were interested).

    Any other questions should be able to be answered by the wiki and faqs linked in my signature.
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    Mar 26, 2006
    Thanks for your answers. [​IMG]

    First of all I've checked the comp. list and I noticed that Puyo Pop Fever doesnt run... that was kind of a downside... also Pokemon Dash doesnt work...
    Bust a Move DS Need passme/2, what does that mean? Can I run it with a MK4 Mini?