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    Nov 23, 2014
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    I am trying to compile homebrew for the first time and having a lot of trouble. I compiled sf2d fine and got the precompiled portlibs. But sftdlib will not compile, it gets this error:
    c:/devkitPro/libsftd/source/texture_atlas.c:67:56: error: 'sf2d_texture {aka str
    uct <anonymous>}' has no member named 'tex'
    GSPGPU_FlushDataCache(atlas->tex->, atlas->tex->tex.size);


    I did solve this earlier (I think it was by putting sf2d.h in libctru/include) but after I deleted them to re-add them after I got another error, this error came back and this solution doesn't help anymore. After this I got a problem trying to compile JKSM (that's what I wanted to play with). In 3dsx.cpp, there's a part that calls FSUSER_OpenArchive, but it has 3 arguments. The only place I could find it was in fs.h which I think is in libctru/3ds/ something. There, it only has 1 argument. And that's what 'make' was complaining about (wrong number of arguments). I found an instance of this method being used with 3 arguments at but there doesn't seem to be any include that defines FSUSER_OpenArchive with 3 arguments?? There is only filesystem.h and 3ds.h. And also, there was another error about FSUser_CloseArchive, that it was supposed to be being passed a pointer and it wasn't. I added an '&' to its argument and the error went away. But I don't think I should need to change working code on github?? So maybe there is something else that needs to be included that defines this method without a pointer?

    So anyway i need to re-solve the sftd problem, and then I assume when I do I will be faced with the FSUSER_OpenArchive/FSUSER_CloseArchive problem again.

    If anyone can help that would be wonderful! Thanks in advance!!!