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  • Neat DOOM port on the 3DS just wanted to ask can PRBOOM read PK3 Files?
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    Hi, sorry to bother you.
    Thanks a lot for the Doom and Hexen ports.
    I'd hate myself to ask this but... can you do a port of Doom 64?
    Hello again, sorry to bother you, I compiled and all works great, have it picking up wads in nintendo 3ds folder, im stumped on how to get the following to save to that same dir; tranmap.dat prbmsav0.dsg prboom.cfg If it inst too much trouble can you point me in the right direction? path im interested in \Nintendo 3DS\d0171af1b3e43c31bbe0686c583244e\doom
    can you link me to the cia version of spectere3d? it seems its not on your github....
    I have not built the cia version recently. I think the rsf files need to be updated.
    ok thanks... I'll be waiting to see what the cia version is capable of :3
    Do you have the second to Latest PrBoom Release? The Latest one will not run as .cia even on the Original 3DS. But the Version Before that one worked perfectly. I just want to see how it works on the N3DS. Love how you got the 3D Effect on it by the way. Damn great job.
    Get the same Error MSG as the description states in the GitHub Issues Section and the Thread. Locks up when the Sound is trying to get activated.
    I am not sure which version your screenshot is from. The startup messages do not match the current version. There should be something about the csndInit and starting music thread... Since none of that is showing this looks like an old version. I do not keep old binaries. Sorry.
    OK, Got it fresh from GitHub and it works on the N3DS. Just no Sound with the .cia Copy. 3D is slightly better on this especially with the Head Tracking. LOL.
    Should add the Options for Setting Custom Buttons. Would like to see if I could use the Joystick and CNub.
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