Hardware help burning wiikey 1.99b .iso?????


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Jun 21, 2005
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Hi guys,

right, i've not been in the wii scene for a while now, but with all the good games coming out at the minute, DKCR, Epic Mickey, etc
i want to get my wii updated to play them.

im on a launch wii, with a Wiikey V1 installed on FW 1.9s?? i think?

I updated the wii the other day using the guide from these forums "modify any wii 4.3 and below" and all went fine.

So!!!! I decided to get DKCR, burned it as i used to do, turned the wii on, loaded up priiloader, enabled block disc updates and put the disc in. Games shows up in the disc channel but when i start it, it gives disc could not be loaded or something along those lines.

so i thought i'd update my Wiikey to see if that would solve the problem, downloaded the .RAR packet and extracted the PAL .iso, load it into Imgburn and for some reason, it will not burn, keeps giving incompatible format or something. Burnt it 3 times now and its proper burnt my head out. I need some help with this guys!!!!!!!

I know i could softmod the wii and im all up for that, but i just want to get this sorted out, just for the sack of it if you know what i mean, i can't let it better me!!!!! lol

Just a note - Imgburn is the latest one off there site today, no settings changed, someone must know how to do this, please!!!! lol.

By the way, i know these updates run as GC games but i think this update can just be burnt without padding. Please give step by step instructions for any advice.

Cheers guys for the help, must remember not to leave so long time inbetween updates!!!!!

I've got the HBC installed to if thats any help????
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