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Feb 9, 2009
Mom's Basement
United States
Hello! I'm known as Scythe Ironclaw on other platforms. Not sure if I can change my username here or not.

I joined GBATemp a long time ago, back when the DS Scene was still new.
I haven't posted much but I have been lurking.

I've used this site to softmod my WiiU & uncensor Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Real shame about the Switch port, feels bad man.

I've also used this site to hack my old 3DS and later my new 3DS. Now I have this problem where I have so many games I don't know if I'll be able to finish them all before I kick it! YIKES!

In 2010, I was introduced to Minecraft, which I call Minecrack because of how addicting it is! I'd load up a world, start playing, and all of the sudden it's 5am! Is that the sun?! I now mod my Minecraft to make the game more interesting but I usually spend more time modding the game then I do playing it!

I got a Nintendo Switch at launch, which means I have an exploitable system. I just haven't done so because it's my only one and I don't wanna get b8d from Nintendo Online! I like raging on Mario Kart 8! The screams of frustration are the result of fun having, I swear! Yes, I pay for Switch Online. The annual cost is low enough where I don't mind. If the price ever increases I may have to reconsider.

I love the Nintendo Switch for being a hybird system where you can take the same games on-the-go! No longer will I have to settle for inferior portible console versions of home console games! I can play Super Mario Odyssey in bed when I should be sleeping!

I was disappointing by the removal of Pokemon in the new upcoming Pokemon games, but GameFreak has been winning me back with all the cool looking additions! GROOKEY GANG!

I played Pokemon GO back when it launched and continued to play it up until this year. I just haven't managed to find the time to get back into the game, mainly because I'm grinding Mario Kart Tour. Rank Six!

Games I've recently played that arn't Minecraft are:

Tokyo Mirage Sessions - Resurrection v1.2 for WiiU
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart Tour - Yes I know it's gotchya, it's still quick fun while at work!
Zelda: Link's Awakening for Switch
Astrial Chain
Deamon X Machina
Dragon Quest XI

I like to watch anime when I have the time. I usually prefer to game so I don't watch much anime, but when I do I've been watching Konosuba! I can relate to the main protagonist because I'm a loser too! OOF! Megumin is my current favorite so far.

I used to livestream frequently but now with my part-time job working near full-time hours (yeah, it be like that) I'm ususally too tired to stream so I just either game or binge Youtube & chill. I'm gonna get back into streaming at least once a week on my Youtube & Twitch.

I want to make Youtube videos again as well. My last one was a highly-edited video based on TheMysteriousMrEnter's Technocracy series involving a DNS host B&n'ing a website that was known as "the darkest reaches of the internet." I want to make more highly edited videos but man it's very time consuming! Youtuber arn't kidding when they say they work 60 hours on one project! Mad respect to those that grind it out!

Once I can get a routine worked out I want to have at least 1 new video every month. It would be essay like videos or video reviews about video games I've played, or am playing.

My musical tastes have changed a bit. I went from EDM & Electronica music, to Vaporwave for a year, then I discovered Macross 82-99 & later Kawaii Step/Base Future Funk & now I'm hooked! Saint Pepsi, Sakura Lee, Moe Shop, Desired and the like.

Some of my favorite Kawaii Step/Base, Future Funk tracks are:
Sakaura Fabuki by Macross
Selfish High Heels by Macross
Pinapple Juniors by St Pepsi
Magic by Moe Shop
& the Japanese version of Catch! by Night Tempo featuring Antenna Girl.

Well, that's going to be it for me.
Thank you for coming to my TEDxTalk.
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