Heart-achingly beauiful music

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    I'm going to depart from the normal "Recommend me upbeat happy awesome songs" and ask for the exact opposite.
    Some songs are so absolutely beautiful that they touch your heart, and have a tendency to break the fragile thing.
    What I want are the songs that touch you....that make you pause and feel....that can simultaniously make you wish for death, and thank the world for your life.

    Here are some examples of what I'm looking for.

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    Anywhere you think of me.
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    The Notwist - Neon Golden (Down tempo post-hardcore not-quite-shoegaze, drifty and electronic without being dance-y.)

    Aimee Mann - Bachelor No. 2 (Thought of her when I saw Imogen Heap, she is totally bittersweet and beautiful, but with a hint more darkness than Imogen Heap, who I personally think is generally not "heart-aching" at all.)

    Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase (Down tempo ambient / IDM that the artist says should inspire nostalgia. Very chill, but complex, and somewhat haunting. Also my favorite group of all time. I didn't find any Youtube videos, because it's kind of hard to pick one song, the album is kind of a whole piece to me.)

    The National - High Violet ("Post-punk," I guess, again, very bittersweet. One of the best albums of the year, very elegant, and dark without being goth or doom or ironic.)

    The Editors - An End Has a Start (Same sound as The National, a few years older, a little bolder and brighter, but still heart-aching.)

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    Will post more later.....?

    Got another one.

    Not really... heart aching... but it did break something inside when I listened to it.
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    Boards of Canda are amazing. Probably one of the greatest electronic bands/duos out there. But, if you want beautiful music then there's probably no electronic musician out there who does it better than Daedelus. His Musique Concrete works are truly mind blowing. It's hard to narrow it down to just one song to give you an example, but I guess these will have to suffice

    If you're interested in this side of his music, then Of Snowdonia is a really good album to listen to, or maybe even his works with The Long Lost.

    Other than that, you always have Chopin, Yasunori Mitsuda, The Seatbelts and the works of other amazing video game composers from amazing video games
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    mayb a little late but this bout' the only songs I know that are good.

    Start Again - Red

    I've listened to it so maany times, maybe 50 or 60 times that now the song is annoying...


    Wicked Game - Cover by three days grace

    dang this is the best frickin' song I've ever heard...destroys every flyin freakin song I know of in terms of lyrics and vocals. anybody if you read this please I beg ya to give the song a chance cause its real good and sounds a whole lot better than the original by a billion years. Trust me before you die, listen to this song..!!!!!!! its teh bomb! I am not lying! give it a chanceeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Warpaint - Undertow

    Slowdive - Crazy For You

    Amesoeurs - Gas in Veins

    Amesoeurs - Heurt

    M83 - Teen Angst
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    Are people fine will music that they (possibly) might not understand? Sorry it has to be a live version, there`s no official PV.

    Sorry if they disappoint you, but I love both songs and artists to bits.
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    One of the most amazing music i ever heard [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    BionicC and Anne Noise win so far, in my opinion. Great choices, and I personally like most of those bands too. [​IMG]

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    You mean like this?
    You know, the only songs I believe are heart-achingly beautiful sound kind of sad. Most of them, anyway.

    *Note: Spoiler tags only because. And some of these have spoilers.

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    First song is Instrumental, Second video is Spanish subs, no English subs...
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    Union Hotel
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    almost everything and anything by explosions in the sky. certain songs from the silent hill soundtracks.

    there are some songs of pink floyd that depress me so much. the "shine on you crazy diamond" suite, wish you were here (actually, that whole album is depressing to me), some songs on "the wall", and some others. (99% sure if pink floyd was formed today they would be considered emo ;p their music is too emotional)

    for more "heavier" songs, "...and the cat turned to smoke" is one of the saddest songs to me, it has so much emotion put into the actual music and lyrics, and is, to me, my favorite ending to any album ever. the lyrics depress me, too. I think it is one of the most beautiful songs ever made, and the best orchid song.

    thought of another one

    you can hear how much heart and soul eddie hazel puts into this song here.
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    makes me cry almost everytime im listening to it.... in a manly sort of way ofcourse

    the clip isnt that good but still the song is so nice, beautifull lyrics

    Editting, linked youtube wrong and added a few more songs ;p