Hdd lost in redNAND

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  1. foxready

    foxready Newbie

    Apr 10, 2017
    Hello all,

    Sorry for my broken english i'm french :grog:

    So i've a problem not joke :wtf:

    My Setup :

    • Wii U EU 32GB Black Edition
    • HDD 2.5" 500GB with Y cable

    Software :

    • CFW.booter
    • HBL V1.4
    • WUP installer GX2

    One month ago I have make a rednand on my wii U. I managed to install on my external hard disk 20 games, it worked marvelously.

    For this morning it is impossible to me to throw my games. When I am on my rednand, all my games disappeared. A pop-up appears: to tell me that you should not connect a support USB when Wii U is lit.

    So, I formated my SD card. And I got back my dump of REDnand. The nintendo error persists, and I do not still see my games. Except on my sysnand I see my hard disk as well as all my games, but I cannot launch them.

    Thank you so much for your helping and replies.

    Kind regards,
  2. EclipseSin

    EclipseSin Ignorant Wizard

    Apr 1, 2015
    United Kingdom
    221b Baker Street
    Sounds like your redNAND is corrupt if they show up under sysnand. This means your HDD is likely fine. What you want to do is just use something like mocha and forget rednand, rednand is only truely useful at this point for brick protection (which is unlikely if not using coldboot) to end users when compared to other alternatives.

    Sorry if my response is not what you're looking for. If you go the mocha route, youll save sd space though.

    I never messed with redNAND so I'm not sure if your sysnand has the tickets, so you may need to manually install them to save time repairing game playability. I can help you if thats really required, or someone else can most likely as well.
    Last edited by EclipseSin, Apr 11, 2017
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