Having issues with N3dsXl and Luma+A9LH.

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  1. ManitoCC

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    Jan 7, 2017
    Running an n3ds with 11.2 al9h, sys nand . I'm having trouble installing CIA games.
    FBI gets all the way to the end and then gives me an error. Failed to install CIA file
    Result code 0xD8e0806a
    Level permanent (27)
    Summary invalid argument (7)
    Module AM (32)
    Des: cert signature or has check failed(106).

    The only thing i could install with fbi was the fbi cia, luma updater and homebrew launcher cias.

    I´ve got some cias from that site and after completing the installation it always gave me errors just like the above ones, sometimes changing the "level" info to Fatal.

    I`ve tried several games and always get that kind off error.
    Some cias i can´t even install because there is no option to install after i choose them, it only lets me choose from rename, delete, copy, paste.
    That includes full games, Dlcs, updates.

    I figure that someting went wrong while i followed the 3ds.guide. (oh yeah, i remember, i started the tutorial with wifi off and went in panic mode in order to activate the wifi, updated to 4.4 using a game cartige Freaky Forms, still managed to restore the backup i made while doing the tutorial, but i think that someting isn´t quite right),
    i went to the tutorial and try to start all over, i formated the sd card and start the tutorial, but got stuck installing decript9, the 3ds always hang up after chosing fasthax from homebrew launcher.

    I can load hourglass and luma by pressing the right keys combination, but i realized that i cant update luma because it could not get a9lh payload.

    I managed to install some games on the second go, but only with the fbi injected not the cia one, and even so some games doesnt completely load, giving me an error message forcing me to shutdown the console., like pokemon sun, even installing using a legit ticket, it loads right to a error screen forcing me to shut down the 3ds.

    Is there a way to reverting all of the cfw stuff and having a "clean" system and star all over again?
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  2. dAVID_

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    Oct 23, 2016
    At the computer.
    So, by the looks of the error, it seems (pls correct me if i'm wrong) you cant install it because of the signature.
    But then. if that's the prob., how did you install FBI?
    This is just a wild guess.

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  3. ManitoCC

    ManitoCC Member

    Jan 7, 2017
    I´ve installed fbi after i injected acording to hte 3ds.guide, replacing the health thing.
    I even managed to install some games using the injected fbi, but after restoring the health&safety i rarely can install any cia game. I cant even install other cia manager. Some dlcs, like the one for smash bros dont even show the install cia option.
    So i would like to start all over from the begining, but i tried that already and got stuck on trying to install decript9 (i formated the card i was using) because the safehax always hung up.

    Edit: Well, i boot the 3ds holding the R buton and tried to do the 3ds.guide, but after doing the fasthax step and started the safehax, the console went black with both power and wifi leds on. Its over 10 minutes without any change. What is wrong with her? How can i uninstall everyting so that i start all over with a clean system?
    A system restore will work?
    Can i even do a system restore on a 3ds?
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