Hacking having issues installing games


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Nov 26, 2009
United States
I followed the guide to the T from the modify any wii thread. I have been having a few problems and have searched but unfortunately cant find the answers so here it goes.

1. I format my Junk drive to fat32 and use wbfs manager and add games, i added super mario bros (new) and it plays fine. I try to install COD:MW and i get a black error screen, so i burned the iso to a dvd-r and tried to install via usbloadergx and it gets to 100% install then black crash screen. I figured it was just my small 8gb Junk drive. So i formatted my seagate freagent external to wbfs and plugged it in but usbloadergx will not recognize it.
Any input on how to go about fixing this? Oh also through usbloadergx i can put in the burnt disc and mount and play the game and it works fine, But i would rather have them backed up on a HD.

2. I cant get my internet to work now, i go into settings and get a error menu to.

3. is there any good programs to format to FAT32.

Thanks for the help in advance and deciphering my bad grammar.

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