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    Jan 26, 2012
    United States
    So, I have been using SmashSelector and SaltySD for quite some time not for my Sm4sh modding antics. Its been great, some pretty long load times, but that's no biggie. The problem arises when I go to play local multiplayer with a friend. The long loading times will always trigger a timeout event and disconnect us from the session. This occurs even when I am using default smash, with no mods selected. I even went so far as to turn off ext code in the Luma settings (running latest firmware on a9lh), and I even removed the saltysd folder from my SD card, but it still appears to be trying to load files from the SD card.

    So I am wondering, how do I fully diasble SaltySD and Smash Selector? I cannot seem to find that sort of thing in any of the setup tutorials. I would love to play with some buddies at work, and this is preventing that.

    thanks for any help. I hope this forum is where this type of post belongs.
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