Have a question about translation patches!

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  1. ahrimansiah

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Well i have never done translate patches, patching before and im trying so hard to patch my Super robot taizen2 and i keep fail, so my question is:
    For translation patching do i need a untouched iso?
    my iso is a fixed iso which work with all CFW
    inside it i have EBOOT.bin EBOOT.old and "UPDATE" folder which also have a eboot.bin in it!
    my cfw is 5.50GEN d3 promoteous!
    I cant change my CFW (long story) so i cant play untouched iso or other formats that are for higher CFW,

    so is there anyway for me to apply patches? :(

    EDIT: if you need a untouched iso for translate patching then do u have to patch ur iso again for CFW after u have applied the translate patch?...
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    1st, don't talk about downloading ISO's here. It's against the rules.
    2nd, yes you will need a CLEAN ISO. Preferably ripped from your own UMD.
    3rd, do you know Japanese fluently? If not I suggest you start there.
    4th, as far as patching the ISO goes, update your CFW. The newest CFW does not require patches to run ISOs or UMDs.
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    Are you trying to hack a ROM yourself or are you trying to use a hacked version from someone else so you can play it?

    If it is from someone else then best if you use the original ROM or whatever ROM they suggest in their NFO/readme/release notes- as far as the PSP goes it will probably be the original ISO. Being filesystem based and with very nice tools like UMDGen there are a lot of things that can trouble things here or act in your favour, it will require you to appreciate a fair bit of ROM hacking if we are to discuss them so I will sideline that for now.

    Chances are if you patch the original iso then yes you will need to patch it again to run on CFW if that is something you have to do normally. You might get lucky if the hackers did not change the eboot file and you can then patch the original and swap out the eboot in the hacked iso for the one from the CFW patched game and have it work. If it has been changed (a distinct possibility) then you can probably still "port" the hack over but that will take a bit of work.

    Also I will ask for the "long story" as to why you can not upgrade- if you are on 5.50 then you are good whatever model of PSP you have, some of the early moves from 5.50 upwards to a newer hack were a pain but since the PS3 gave us all the nice PSP keys it is practically painless.
  4. ahrimansiah

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    Oct 12, 2012
    Sorry for talking about downloading ISO wont happen again,
    in my country there is no way to find japanes games or order them, u can just find localized UMDs,

    Well i will try to make the story as short as possible lol, this psp isnt mine i did borrow it from a friend to see why my 24 year old friend is addicted to a psp and he did ask me to not to touch anything because its his testing psp (he sell psp and repair them and stuffs) and looks like im starting to love it too! haha man psp is more fun than my 8gig ddr3 PC with black ops2 xD,
    im planning to buy my own psp when im more free,

    anyway yea the ISO i got is hacked as i did mention the files inside it! so i need to get original ISO anyway right? :/ man that will be a pain :(

    Well thanx alot dudes u were really helpful :)