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Mar 5, 2020
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    1. CrashmanX
      Retired (Kinda)
    2. breaktemp
      Thanks for all of your hard work on the SD Gundam G Generation Overworld English Translation !!
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    3. ankawolf
      Crashmanx my english is bad but i can tell my problem. Danball senki english translation
    4. Kunoha
      Hey, it's me again.
      I decided to translate the DanSen BOOST game and how does one encode BTX files and the like?
      1. CrashmanX
        You don't need to both message me on my profile and PM me. Simply PM'ing me will get my attention.
        Oct 26, 2015
    5. Icydarkness
      hey man i been wondering if you could tell me where i did wrong with this eng patch for super robot operation extend that you created. SO i went to it's thread and downloaded the cpk files that you attached and replaced the old cpk files with the ones i downloaded and then i saved it as an ISO but when i opened it the games hasn't changed one bit It's still in JPN the menu isn't translated so Please help me.
    6. DeadShadow87
      Oh? weird. Seems like some people were wrong...
      Meh, the game won't even have a menu translation anyway it's been 4 years since it has been released now, thank you for answering me.
    7. DeadShadow87
      I've been looking around on the net for quite a while in order to see if anything were done in order to translate Queen's gate spiral chaos, and found some information regarding you trying to translate it. Since there is still no patch (not even for the menu) i suppose something went wrong but, could you tell me what went wrong? I'm a bit curious.
      1. CrashmanX
        I can't say I've ever messed with it. In-fact I don't even have an ISO file of it.
        Jul 1, 2015
    8. CrashmanX
      Currently working on SD Gundam G Generation Overworld for PSP.
    9. breaktemp
      whew...that SD Gundam G Generation Overworld english translation seems to be flowing nicely !!
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    10. ZERO555
      i wanna ask you something crashmanx can you create a patch for this game please can you doit SD Gundam G Generation Overworld
      1. CrashmanX
        Sorry for the delay, haven't been on GBA Temp much.
        As much as I would like to, I can not. Both G Gen PSP games have a kind of CPK packing that make them very difficult to work with. When they're unpacked all the files come out as just ID's without an extension of any sort. So there's not a whole lot I can do.
        Nov 20, 2013
    11. Deleted User
      Deleted User
      Keep up the good work! Best wishes!
    12. breaktemp
      loving the "Super Robot Wars OE" work you are doing !!
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