Hacking Hardmode not working


Jan 9, 2018
Hi, few days ago i managed to get some 3ds and 2ds consoles at very reasonable prices, the 2ds is already with cfw(soundhax) and the 3ds(plain old) is american(U), at version 1.0.0-0, no internet gateway or any other way to install cfw, leaving me with only flashcards or hardmode, i'm unable to find a r4 like device here where i live, so, hardmode is the only way to get out of this situation.

After all the soldering work and some sd card adapter losses(that thin slider), i finished and the result is something like:

SD Card Adapter:

images bellow

Old 3DS Motherboard(i'll not show the CLK soldering 'cause i don't want to disassemble all over again, but i assure you, it's pretty solid and well fixed):

images bellow

The Orange and Green wires, are changed, there's a joint where i solder all the wires again, and both green and orange and swapped.

I've made all the tests before proceed, tried to turn on the console while not pluged with the fake SD Card onto the Card Reader, and worked fine, it turns on normal, and jumps into the blue screen when pluged onto the Card Reader. The problem is when i try to connect the Card Reader into the computer, a drive is installed automaticaly and then shows "Transcend(No Drive Letter)" as device for a while and then "F:" is shown, after a while, another device comes up, and minutes after, all disapear. Also the win32imageDisk doesn't recognize none of the drivers when promped.

This is the Card Reader i'm using:


images bellow

It's the improved version of the one used in this tutorial: tutorial-noob-friendly-nand-dumping-2ds-3ds-3ds-xl-n3ds-n3ds-xl (Transcend P8 TS-RDP8K )

If anybody can help me, i'll appreciate, and thanks in advance.


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