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    Apr 14, 2006
    So, I finally upgraded to a N3DS from an O3DS on 10.7 RX-E (imported a non-XL from amazon.fr) and I have a few questions. I am considering getting it hard-modded by one of the members of the community (I remember reading in one of the threads hundshamer provides this service) because I don't want to risk turning it into an expensive paper weight.

    Is it common to get it hard-modded before downgrading to 9.2? Also is the process of restoring the nand simple once its modded? And lastly, while not entirely related to hard-modding, does anyone provide a service for installing A9LH with AuReinand? I've been reading about it and while I think I'm pretty savvy. . . I'd rather get someone who is a bit more seasoned to do it (I've only soft modded 3 consoles and they were all the rxtools route). Thanks!
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    Personally, I've upgraded/downgraded both a N3DSXL on 10.7.0-32U and a O3DS on 4.2.0-9U to 9.2.0-20U, using SafesysUpdater and profi200's sysUpdater without a hardmod and so far, both of them seem to be fine. For restoring the NAND with a hardmod, I believe that you only have to plug the SD card into a specific USB adapter, plug the USB adapter into a computer, and restore the img file using Win32DiskImager. However, I do not have a hardmod, so I am not 100% sure. I have also installed both A9LH and AuReiNand onto the N3DSXL and O3DS previously mentioned following this guide, and although while it is relatively simplistic, it will take several hours. If, of course, you still want a hardmod, hundshamer is definitely who you should ask, although it depends on where you live. Unfortunately, however, I do not believe anyone has a service for installing A9LH and AuReiNand. :( However, I believe you, who has installed rxTools three times, would be capable of doing so. :) What ever you decide to do, I wish you good luck!
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    A hardmod requires 4 wires to be solder from the motherboard CLK, CMD, DAT0 and GND to the pin out on an SD card adapter. It's easy once you know how to solder. But if you're looking into fitting a permanent hard mod. You would need your desired connector male and female and you would also need to file into your back plate. That's not an easy task if you suffer from OCD. Milerwan (France) or Hundshamer (U.S) are your best bet for a hard mod and A9LH instillation. They both offer an excellent service along with great customer services and hard to beat prices.