Blacklisted Trader

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May 22, 2009
    1. Dionicio3
      Blacklisted Trader lol
    2. Ricken
      I love snapchat girl selfies x3
    3. LinkmstrYT
      Looks like account was hacked.
    4. Dont Worry About it
    5. VinLark
    6. Shicky256
    7. dubyadud
    8. StrangeGhost
      good.he's ran off with countless systems including mine.
      1. Dont Worry About it
        Dont Worry About it
        ikr? if he sent back my system, all would be forgiven, but as of yet i have nothing. he told me it would be "about a week" way back in may 2016...i definitely feel that we've been scammed!
        Dec 28, 2016
    9. GhostLatte
      I see that you've hidden your online activity :^)
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    10. wildcat2083
      It seems I also got burned by sending off my 3ds to you, its been months and I can understand some time frame for work but over 6 months, not cool dude
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      2. YayIguess
        Dec 26, 2016
    11. Dont Worry About it
      Dont Worry About it
      I still want my shit back.
    12. TheKingy34
      Sucks to be you :^) 'ISP issues' bullshit.
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    13. xtheman
      wow you should be honored by the fact that your a lying thief and get the tag "Blacklisted Trader"
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    14. Red9419
      Hunds was last seen making a great wall out of 3ds' to protect himself from the oncoming storm.
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    15. Ricken
      I wonder how many people have that rank label.. first I've seen of it
    16. Dont Worry About it
      Dont Worry About it
      Still haven't gotten mine back...
      1. ceelo
        Did you get it back as of my message?
        Nov 30, 2016
      2. Dont Worry About it
        Nov 30, 2016
    17. Queno138
      I got it back alive, but the bad news is that my Limited-Edition-Pokemon-Clear-Red-2DS got portion cut out from the opaque side of it, with little damage to a clear side.
      I only needed to unbrick, not install a port, as I didn't want to destroy the unit casing.

      Despite the ups and downs, I thank you for returning my unit.

      It's been a long 8 months for all of us, and I can finally move on.
      Peace out
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      2. Queno138
        If any help needed, I may offer advise via PM
        Oct 31, 2016
      3. civickm
        Woot! I am glad you were able to get it back, sorry to hear about the damage.
        Nov 1, 2016
    18. BOO23
      I can confirm that using the methods described by Mr. civickm, I got back my unit today. Intact.

      As for Hundsie, I won't be submitting the CC-10V3 and court summons anymore.

      For anyone who doesn't have their units yet, keep trying and start filling out your small claims and court summons documents just in case.

      Please PM me if you need additional help.
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      2. civickm
        Woot! glad you got it back!
        Nov 1, 2016
    19. Memoir
      Getting ready to call the police, here. Haven't seen or heard anything. Took my money, and my device. No response in MONTHS. WE KNOW YOU'RE ON THE SITE. WE KNOW YOU CHECK YOUR PROFILE. Quit hiding, and just man the fuck up.
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      2. BOO23
        Yep, I'm done being Mr. Niceguy after months of waiting.

        Like Mr.civickm, I sent him a letter (signed) threatening legal action if he didn't return my hardware by October 26th. He has neither contacted me nor returned the item. This is criminal, I'm done. I'm contacting him a final time and submitting a CC-10 V3 and CC-25 Summons V4.

        If you're reading this Hundsie, I'll see your thieving ass in court.
        Oct 28, 2016
    20. Squeakychu
      Just so people know, Hundshamer has become a lot more active these past few days, visiting the site at least three times this week (including tonight at 12:11AM). If he still has your 3DS, now would probably be a great time to PM him and demand your systems back. I wouldn't be soft about it either, since it seems that he has had some our systems as far back as February, which is obviously unacceptable. Best of luck!
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      3. Queno138
        yeah I noticed that too.
        I've already sent him a letter with a return slip, now the wait.
        Oct 28, 2016
      4. Squeakychu
        Well shit, I didn't know you could turn that off. If I knew, I definetely would've been more careful with that post. I'm really, really sorry.
        Oct 28, 2016
      5. StrangeGhost
        Its fine man,gotta remain at least a little bit optimistic
        Oct 28, 2016
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