Harddrives in RAID 0/RAID 1 config?

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  1. Vattu

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    May 27, 2009
    I'm having some ideas of modifying my Wii. For that, I would like to use 2-4 1.8" (or 1-2 2.5") harddrives in a RAID configuration, optimally RAID 0.

    I have no experience with RAID controllers. If I have a RAID controller with 2 harddrives in an external enclosure connected to the Wii (or any computer) with USB, does the Wii/computer see 1 partition, or is any software needed to make the setup compatible?
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    There are a fair devices that can stitch drives together using some form of RAID method (or something like it) and then present it to whatever is accessing it as a single "normal" external drive (often known as hardware RAID)- I do not see them that often and they can run you quite a bit (as in what you pay for a fully functioning external drive you will probably pay for the enclosure by itself). There probably are 1.8" supporting versions but I would soon plump for a regular one and use a tray adapter.
    Also you say partition which is perhaps the wrong word here considering most wii stuff can use logical partitions.

    Note that while self contained RAID devices exist most require a PC (with the ability to run some software) or some extra hardware though (port multipliers is a common terms for such things) so read carefully when choosing as they are usually in the same section of the website/catalogue.