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    With HANS having the ability to patch games given a valid .romfs for whatever game it loads, I was wondering:

    Would it be possible to re-write a part of a game/application's code and then patch it with HANS? What I'm specifically thinking is if I could re-write 'Nintendo 3DS Sound's shuffle algorithm. The most I've seen done in a game with HANS' patching ability is either Virtual Console injection or things like enemy trainers' Pokemon rosters being switched up. If I'm not mistaken, however, the latter and with things like NSMB2 hacking, tools are used to do so. At this point, I haven't bothered to dump the app; I've just merely been wondering if it was possible to do.
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    Jun 2, 2013
    With proper tools you can edit some parts of the romfs. However, there are some data which protected with rsa encryption (like shiny encounter rate) and likely won't be editable in close future. And if course the game need be compatible with Hans.
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    Hmm, thank you. I suppose I ought to just look at what the files are like and go from there; I'll keep that in mind!
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