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    The NES Classic Mini sure is nostalgic with its cute palm-sized form factor and its 30 included games. But what if you wanted to play more than what is offered?

    Resident Temper @Cluster and other Russian hackers have come up with a solution and proudly present

    It is a very, very simple to use ROM-management tool for NES Mini. The requirements are Windows 7+, .NET Framework 3.5 and no installation is required. Just unzip and run.

    It features the followings:

    • Allows you to easily change the parameters of the games - the number of players, the release date and so forth.
    • For advanced users, lets you change settings running games
    • Is able to google automatically covers for games
    • Automatically corrects invalid headers Roma on the basis of their
    • When adding a game checks to see if they are supported by mappers
    • Allows you to remove the standard 30 games, if necessary,
    • Interface in Russian and English languages

    Here's a step-by-step video to apply hakchi2:

    :arrow: Visit the official GBAtemp thread to join the hot discussion and find the download link.
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Thread Status:
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