Hacking vWii consequences? Anything to look out for? (WupHax)

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    Jan 5, 2017
    I am planning on making my new wii u what I call a backwards compatible gaming hub, or a nostalgia hub. I wanna just hack it for GC and Wii backups because those aspects seem well developed by now?

    For that I understand I only need to hack the vWii. I'm planning on using WupHax. Question is, will this potentially have any effect in the future regarding WII U hacking? I'm not doing anything permanent to the WII U because I'm waiting for more robust, and easy to use fool-proof hacks (like Luma on 3DS) but I expect in the future when we get there I'd want to use those potential hacks.

    So what things do I need to keep in mind if I hack the vWii? Things to avoid or potential problems in the future with future hacks?
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    This guide has everything I can think of:

    I don't know much about vwii but I know people installing the wrong cios files (the ones meant for a wii) seems to be where a lot of people go wrong.

    I used the above link and the guide for wuphax to hack my vwii and it was simple enough. As long as you follow a guide you won't mess anything up
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