got trolled by a minun i couldn't deafeat

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    Dec 30, 2013
    Between three female furries
    I was just playing Omega Ruby and now, in a trainer battle, my Zigzagoon faced a minum.
    Zigzagoon's ability is pickup, and I just realised that when an opponent uses an item (or at least an item the pokemon held) pickup makes the pokemon finds this item at the end of the turn. NO JOKE, SO THE FOLLOWING HAPPENED!!!

    Minum restored health using Oran Berry
    Zigzagoon's pickup. Now hold a Oran Berry
    Minum used Switcheroo.
    Minum now hold Oran Berry
    Repeat x3
    took me a lot more time to kill that son of a bitch who kept stealing my oran berry :angry::angry:
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