Got my Gateway - Don't know where to start

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Swing, Jan 29, 2015.

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    SO I have my gateway, and I realized that I should have spent hours backing up my games or DLing them beforehand. I haven't put the cartridge in yet and don't know how I'm going to get Bravely Default, a 4 GB game onto my 8 GB kingston micro SD using a 2 GB stock SD card that came with my 3DS. Can I just skip use thing SD card as a middle-man and use my micro SD reader to store the game?

    My tweaker sister stole Princess Code (along with a few others) which I figured was small enough to put on the card and try out but I can't find anywhere to DL it. In this case it isn't piracy or a backup but a game I want to get back.

    Does anybody know a good game that's low on GBs that's a good start for using my gateway?

    Also Bravely Default is a .3ds file not a .cia file, is there a way I can change it on my computer instead of doing it through my gateway 3ds?
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    Start by reading the instructions that came in the zip file that you need to download from the gateway site. After that there are plenty of guides floating around on here.
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    the maxconsole guide by SONYUSA is really helpful.
  4. Cartmanuk

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    This is where you start.
  5. Ralph1611

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    format the micro SD card with SD Formatter.
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    its not too complicated...that picture above explains it all but a quick list:

    1. install the DS mode exploit
    2. launch Gateway loader through Nintendo DS Profile in settings
    3. Format emunand (if you want emunand)
    4. Profit.

    Roms go on the root of the microSD card. Once in emunand, press select to access.
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