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    NOTE: Before anyone is quick to claim that this is some sort of prank, I am in no way a fan of April Fool's Day. Therefore, you can bank on every single following statement. I also don't care if the CNet acquisition of GBATemp is true or not, and that had zero influence on my decision.

    Recently, I met up with local friends for a DS Meet. Let me tell you that it is indeed a beautiful sight to finally have over half a dozen fellow DS owners that want to group up and game. However, none of them own a flash card. While I have been an owner of them along with a reviewer here at GBATemp last year, I felt a bit bad about how everyone had legitimate games while I had none. Yes, that means I was doing naughty things (not porn, dumbass), but we won't get into the specifics. Surfice it to say, I took a step back and really looked upon my life in regards to using ROMs, and I didn't like what I saw.

    While gaming, we talked about why I chose to not buy all the games I played. Mind you, I am one of the few who genuinely buys games still here at GBATemp, but those games were all gone due to financial restraints. This was not a simple, one-night impact, but rather, I have been thinking about it. Call it "guilt" or "moralism" if you want, but the time has come.

    I have decided to part ways with all of my flash cards. I had found others who were interested in them outside of my group, so I have made arrangements to sell them. Most are gone, but only a couple are left. They will be gone this week. Before anyone replies about it, there is no homebrew that I find worthy of keeping a flash card around for. I've already reacquired a couple of legit copies tonight, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and New Super Mario Bros. I will be grabbing Final Fantasy III again along with a few new purchases: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Contra 4 and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate. Considering a lot of games I still enjoy are in the bargain bins nowadays along with eBay, I should have at least a dozen games here in a couple of months. I'll also start adding DS games to my GameFly list whenever new titles are out and I am on the fence about buying them or knowing that their game play is good albeit short.

    Now, I'm not going to preach upon the masses here. It's your call whether or not that you want to commit piracy. Yes, I'm calling it exactly what it is: piracy. Flash cards owners denying they do it are along the lines of men who say they don't choke the chicken. I believe you as much as I believe that I crack out gold in the toilet water daily. Regardless, do what you want. I am choosing not to pirate anymore. I hope at least some of you see the same conclusion someday soon.

    Since I am no longer a flash card user and that I have no interest in adding a mod chip to my Wii, I am also walking away from GBATemp and the NDS scene itself. Again, the CNet situation, whether true or false, has no effect upon this. The community itself is my other reason. The majority of the membership pool are a group of juveniles that I want nothing to do with. I'm not saying that everyone here is an idiot, but tragically, most of you are. If you are asking yourself "Am I an idiot?", then you already have your answer. There are no personal shots that I'm tossing out to anyone in particular. Perhaps, I'm just tired of all of this nonsense that happens here and in the scenes. I would rather focus my time and efforts elsewhere more worthwhile and rewarding instead of witnessing why parents should give more of a damn in how their children grow up.

    Good luck and good life to each and everyone here at GBATemp. It was fun for a time. To those I call friend and respect, you can find me on #EFNet still, but I won't be in the channel anymore.
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    I can only hope this is true.
  3. Lumstar

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    Personally, I don't find the DS library worth buying. Its games just didn't appeal to me. [​IMG]

    Not like PS2, SNES, NES, or most other systems.
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    Love ya, Spade, man. Stay on IRC and chat sometimes.

    I look forward to playing some NDS Wi-Fi with ya soon [​IMG]


    Dunno why you wanna give up flashcarts (wait..didn't you just explain that?! [​IMG])...but I feel ya when you say you're leaving GBAtemp (doesn't sound like a bad idea right now, to me).
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    That's special, Mr. Anonymous Internet Forum-Leaving Guy.
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    Sorry to hear it Spade. I suppose a man has to do what he feels right. Goodbye, and good luck!
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    Don't insult us cause you are too righteous to make copies of games you would probably not buy anyway. Maybe you are the idiot.
  9. Lumstar

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    A truly horrible game doesn't deserve to have copies made, get bought, be reviewed, etc. Either way is still indirectly promoting awareness of it to some degree.
  10. cubin'

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    I don't feel bad at all for pirating games from large corporations. Not even a TWINGE of guilt...nothing!

    Nintendo have enough money I can pirate every single game they release for the rest of my life and it wouldn't even make 0.000000001 difference. Same with many of the large companies.

    I DO feel bad when I pirate good games from smaller developers. I usually try and buy these games and support them however I can.

    It's up to you man. If you feel you need to buy all your games there's nothing wrong with that. Good luck!
  11. Spikey

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    Sorry to see you go, TheSpade. Good luck! [​IMG]
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    I find this a weak reason to get rid of all your flashcards.
    If you were really so concerned and felt guilty about it, why don't you just buy all the games and dump them yourselves.

    I can't imagine the hassle of having to carry and manage so many different game carts.
  13. jalaneme

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    Nov 27, 2006
    erm...ok, bye?
  14. azotyp

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    I think that it is noble that you dumped all flashcards, and now walk the path of good gamers [​IMG] but you are not 100% clean, you see you sell flashcarts to future pirates, it is like drug seller he is not taking drugs and he is clean but he dont care about junkies (and you dont care about pirates that will use your flashcarts [​IMG] ).
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    Aug 4, 2007
    uuuuuh, where can i download roms for DS?
  16. Hadrian

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    They're in our downloads bit.
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    I think you could have waited till tomorrow to post this,even though you said you hated April fools.
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    bye and best wishes for the future [​IMG]
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    em0rox: Thespade peace with kupo 2006.
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