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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by phuzzz, Jul 19, 2007.

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    So I'm getting back into baseball again (even though the team I root for sucks ass), and I decided to see if there were any good baseball games for the PC. I "found" MVP Baseball 2005, and seemed to be the game I was looking for. I especially liked the Owner mode. However do to the methods of how I came across this game, anytime I play a game in Owner mode, it immediately crashes. Upon searching on the internet, it seems that this was a problem that couldn't be worked around. So now I'm looking again, and I wondered if there was a game out there that has a mode similar to the Owner mode in MVP '05. I'm willing to look into getting a legit game, but I'd like it to be for the PC. Any suggestions?
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    Unfortunately not much to speak of with baseball games on the PC in the last couple of years unfortunately, but if you are more into the management aspect of the game either Baseball Mogul or Out of the Park Baseball still offer good PC based sims. Not much in the way of graphics to speak of but good stat crunching engines. As for MVP 2005 that is a great game but hard to find a copy of it anymore without paying inflated prices. You may want to check out to see if there are any patches for the issue that you are having with it.