Hacking GH5 & B:RB working but ? with SCr100


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Dec 6, 2008
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So I am now able to play GH:4 & B:RB on the Wii and the instruments work fine playing from the disc. I am not using the USB peripherals. At first only GH:5 worked and then I did as many suggested take the cIOS56 and run it under 248, not 249 which worked it seems.

My questions is this when I run the Softchip100 from the channel is automatically loads the disc under cIOS 232 rev. 7 and it doesnt let me even change the options or IOS's if i needed to. For instance I cannot enabled the 002 Error. It just loads right up & both GH:5 and Beatles work & so do old game I used under Cios 249.

Is this okay or can I somehow get it back to the way it was before where I can change the options.

Thank you in advance for any answers provided.

PS -should I enstall the neogamma or is the siftchip okay & do you think I need the BootWii or Preloader. I kinda' know what they do. I have Starfall installed +use brickblocker on the games I get

Here is some more details:
-Wii 3.2U
-Wad Manager 1.4
-IOS Downgrader
-Hermes Cios 222 Installer
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