GC Backup 0.2, (DL Disc) Multigame issues.

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    I used a dual layed DVD+R, I know this isnt the best disc, its also memorex,
    But its this same disc that I used to play Metroid: Other M, I heard that changing the booktype would work,

    I have HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20F ET02 (ATA) Drive, which should be an LG Drive, I think.

    I burned other M on these discs and it works perfectly.

    I burned a GC Multigame ISO/GCM, using DVD9 and in NTSC format,

    The GC BackupLuancher said FAILED NO DISK 263 or something like that. But I used the dual layed,

    I'm trying to use Imgburn to change the booktype, but it won't work, I tried LG, and it kept saying. Invalid Command Operation Code!

    But I'm sure my Drive is LG, to make sure I tried a couple of options, none worked, but when I chose DVD+R DL RW, it worked in Imgburn, but it said FAILED when I tried to change it to DVD-ROM.

    Sometimes I saw when they said check to see if it isn't already DVD-ROM, but I saw in Imgburn, its not. I triple checked as I wasted 2 discs on this.

    I'll continue to check and post on other forums.

    Any help will be appreciated, telling me ANYTHING you know will help, as I'm quite tech savy.
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    1. Don't use DL discs in your Wii if it's not necessary, it's bad for the laser
    2. You would get bad speeds and in your games, it's really hard to read DL discs for the laser
    3. Without bitsetting, it just won't work. If you can't bitset your discs, you can't use them.
    4. I'm not sure if the GC backup launcher supports DL discs. On paper yes, but you haven't seen the function that handles it, it looks really weird and i doubt it works.
    5. Did i mention that DL discs are hard to read, so you need really super high quality burns?
    6. Almost forgot: Some Wiis have more problems to read DL discs than others. Especially the 1st gen has trouble.