GBAtemp Recommends! Astro Boy: Omega Factor

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    [​IMG] GBAtemp Recommends! Astro Boy: Omega Factor
    G.R. Issue #24 (GBA)

    Welcome back to GBAtemp Recommends! Our popular weekly magazine feature in which we recommend classic Game Boy Advance titles big and small! Oops, we're late...again but don't worry, we'll have another issue tomorrow at the usual time...honest, Shaun sez so.

    GBAtemp Recommends!

    Astro Boy: Omega Factor
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Factor? I hardly knew her!

    Some time ago, a famous well respected developer created games that were neither sequels or based on Bleach cartoons, in fact there was a time were they never did sequels, this developer was named Treasure. Treasure was a team that consisted of members who used to work for Konami and have helped create some of their best known games such as Contra & Castlevania. After Konami, Treasure created some of the most amazing (and hard) games and still do till this day.

    Hitmaker were a SEGA studio who are now again known as SEGA-AM3. They made the greatest real Tennis video series Virtua Tennis as well as the classic Virtual On series. Treasure & Hitmaker joined together to make one of the best games based on a "anime" license. This game was Astro Boy: Omega Factor and it was on the humble Gameboy Advance.

    Astro Boy was like many Treasure titles as a fast and frantic hybrid of fighting and shooting and like other Treasure titles it really pushed the system it was on. Sure Astro Boys sickly cutesy face may put many gamers off and make them think that this is a kids game but this is one of those games that will not only leave those kids crying as they get owned time and time again in the game, but some grown adults too (not me, I'm harcore [​IMG] ).

    The gameplay is one to master and enjoy. On first glance its a simple side-scrolling run & gunner but its much deeper than that. There are many combos & moves to pull off and these really help make the game less repetitive. This ain't another button smasher, those who go into the game thinking that won't get too far. You can also level your character up in whatever way you choose, sometimes if you compare your character with another gamers, you'll find that both are different.

    Graphically its one of GBA's best but sadly there is a little slowdown here and there but its not too distracting from the game. The artwork is said to be a perfect repesentation of the animated series and the sprites are very well animated. Like other Treasure action titles there are huge bosses and you can see some real good graphical trickery at work. The sound is equally as good and its clear that it pushes the GBA's sound abilities.

    Its not a perfect game, some of the levels feel a little rushed, as if the teams had little time left to work on them. Also its a very short game, most seasoned gamers will finish this within a couple of hours, though you can play the levels again for various extras. Regardless of these factors it is another great GBA actioner, if you have enjoyed Treasures other side scrolling games and you haven't played this one then I suggest that you get this game NOW. This game came out around the same time as Sonic Teams PS2 Astro Boy game. That game was pretty awful and goes to show the talent of Treasure & Hitmaker. Treasure have been known to take a license and get the most from it, which they have continued to this day with the DS/Wii Bleach games. /p>

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    Oh yeah, THIS was one hell of a great GBA game! Thanks for giving it a mention in the Recommends section. This game has a really fun story too. I found every aspect of the game enjoyable.

    Perhaps Treasure should try their hand at some more DS games. Perhaps they could try a Sonic game since Sega sees fit to wreck it themselves. At any rate, this game was great and one of the best GBA sidescrollers bar none.
  3. Vague Rant

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    Yeah, this game was amazing, especially if you're a fan of OT. Still great fun without though, I'm sure.
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    I've got this lying around, gotta find time to play it.
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    Thanks for the story, nice article [​IMG] AB:OM was ( is still) a FX mashup for the GBA.
  6. Siegmund Fretzga

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    Great Game, I might play it again someday.
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    Great game... I remember playing it (and finishing it 100%) ages ago. Awesome game.

    Might give it another shot someday... short enough for a quick play [​IMG]
  8. SonicRax

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    I was wondering when this was gonna turn up on the list. This is one of my absolute favorite games on the GBA, along with Gunstar Super Heroes. They were both short games, but they were also both incredibly fun.
  9. Maz7006

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    Yes, i remember this one, this really is a great game [​IMG]
  10. Rayder

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    I actually expected many games like this on the DS. This one was great fun on of my favorites.
  11. SargeSmash

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    I finally picked up the actual cart of this within the last couple of months. I couldn't let a game that I had so much fun with slide by. Awesome, awesome stuff. Between this, Advance Guardian Heroes, and Gunstar Super Heroes, Treasure was on a roll on the GBA. I still wonder how good AGH would have been without the copious amounts of slowdown...

    Anyway, anybody with a hankering for a old-school sidescroller with a bit of depth to it needs to play this game. I'm not even an Astro Boy fan, and it made no difference. Play.
  12. Extreme Coder

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    I LOVE this game.
    I used to stay at one of my relatives, he had a GBA and this game only, we played it for like 2 weeks straight [​IMG]

    And yeah, you're harcore all right [​IMG]
  13. shado blackstar

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    It's a great game and all, but calling it "hard" is kind of a stretch, especially considering that it's Treasure.
    I found this game to be largely easy, myself. Cute, fun, very well put together, but easy.
  14. DeMoN

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    Weird, I could have sworn that you guys already did this game. [​IMG]
    But yes, I've played it and it's definitely a hidden gem.
  15. Bridgy84

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    Amazing choice! It is just a fun fun game. Keep this feature going so everyone can be reminded to play these gems.
  16. h8uthemost

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    Fantastic game. One of Treasures and the GBA's finest. I was going to get the PS2 version, but I read it sucked. Anyone play it?
  17. Jei

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    Great game! [​IMG]

    I really miss those good times when Treasure did those action-packed sidescroll games like Silhouette Mirage... now all they do is some Bleach multiplayer and their last game for the DS - Bangai O if I recall - wasn't even that fun [​IMG]
  18. hdofu

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    This is a seriously good overlooked game, probably because astro is kind of creepy, but there is no denying this is a good platformer rivaling the megaman zero series.
  19. taggart6

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    Thumbs up to one of the best games on the GBA. Its all sorts of fantastic.
  20. jmonee84

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    Brilliant! I love this game. While it seems simple, there is an incredible amount of depth to it. Its also really challenging, so I have definitely played it for more than two hours. Please keep up the great work for GBATemp recommends!

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    Another great one in a similar vein is Gunstar Heroes (I think Treasure did it). I thought it would be the same as the Genesis game of a similar title, but was surprised to discover that it was not (this game is much better IMHO!).